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Feh And The City

Posted by Lyle On Jun 3, 2008


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So yeah, w'ever.
The Sex and The City movie opened to - shock - "big numbers", but really, think of all the lonely ladies who finally had something to do on a Friday night!
Sorry if I'm wearing the big GRUMPY hat on this one, but back when I was at Matador we did the Sex and The City show a lot of favors and cut them lots of great tracks at uh "indie" rates... I mean god bless them for using SAD ROCKETS, but really, when I heard that a film was coming around I figured it was payback time.......BUT of course the film is all FABULOUS and a total BRM goose-egg....oh well... So I'm boycotting the film. It isn't like i couldn't of guessed that Adian was going to marry Carrie!

Just for the record, it wasn't like i could force BRM jams on them:

 but really-Cut Copy-"Feel The Love":


Guess I'll have to wait for SEX AND THE CITY 3 where they meet the Harlem Globtrotters on Gilligan's Island.  Should be a classic...