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Posted by Hartley On Jun 16, 2008

This cover is kinda awesome:

BRM blog image

And yet it has nothing on this cover. The cover of her new record:

BRM blog image

Wow - does this cover just practically deserve it's own blog post. Holy Sexual-Lesbian-Tension Batman! The way these chicks are just almost kinda are-they-kissing?-maybe-I-think-they-are-kissing-doesn't-she-look-all-indie-with-her-hairclips-and-hoodie on-wait-they're-not-kissing? Not to fulfill every straight dudemanbro cliche, but I think I had this fantasy in highschool. 'Nuff said.

Now having gotten that out of my system...

BRM loves Jennifer O’Connor. She has this kinda bad-ass, early-90’s pseudo grunge-pop vibe to her, not completely dissimilar from Juliana Hatfeild and the like. And you know, I guess we have a thing for girls in flannel who play guitar but I digress. O’Connors new one, Here With Me, was recorded in an amazing 12 days (!), with producer extraordinaire/the dude that made Sonic Youth sound good again, and The Hold Steady kick ass, John Agnello. Up until now, O’Connor has flown a bit under the radar, but with songs as solid as the poppy, “Here With Me,” I wouldn’t be surprised if she became our next break-out female.

And of course, this really need go without saying but: HELLO L WORD SUPERVISORS DOWNLOAD PLZ ENJOY FAX UZ PLACEMENTZ FOR ZE NEW SEZON!!!! THANKE

Here's "Here With Me" off of Here With Me out soon on Matador Records: