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Posted by Lyle On Feb 25, 2011

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Wow, nothing better then a rainy cold Friday to start the weekend! What else does the Bank Robber like? Anyone catch The Mountain Goats on Letterman? Well, you can now:

Destroyer on Fallon (about 34 minute mark):

Looks like Owen Wilson was on Fallon promoting "Hall Pass"......I can't
promote "Hall Pass" since I haven't seen it yet, but it is chock full of BRMjams, so regardless of the hilarity that ensues, you gotta go for the tunes! See it and tell us which scene they use this bad boy:

Black Mountain "Druganaut":

One BRM band that actually isn't in "Hall Pass" (how's that for a segue), is
Phantogram.  This video is the cure for any rainy day blues:

and as we put the day away (I'm killing it!), check out Sun Airways video for
"Put The Days Away":