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BRM Plays The Name Game

Posted by Lyle On Dec 2, 2011

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Working with so many uh talented artists, the odd things that cross over between them can be bizarre to say the least. Check out the latest mash up in the BRM musical world: Jim Belushi/Randy Quaid/John Candy. Yup,  3 new songs, 3 actors of various talent all making songs that inturn make it into the BRM blog. Don't believe me? Are you calling me a liar? Well then...First up "Belushi" by Masters Of The Hemisphere:


Now lets go over to Mark Kozelek's label Caldo Verde and check out "Randy Quaid" by Heirlooms Of August:

3rd but far from last "John Candy" by Remember Remember. Yup, on the label that Mogwai built (Rock Action), this tribute is so real not only do we have a great song for ya, but a tee shirt as well!

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I really can't imagine anyone else out there is "blogging" about the musical convergence of these three, especially as we (wait for it), tie into this weeks video collection!

Imagine if you will Jim Belushi playing a father (similar to his fine work in "The World According To Jim" and "Bad Baby"), then you can imagine him as the dad in the new video by Cymbals Eats Guitars "Keep Me Waiting":

Did I mention how much I miss John Candy? What kind of roles would he doing these days? Playing Jonah Hill's dad in "The Sitter" (More on that later) the meantime one of my favorite driving scenes of all time is in the John Candy tour-de-force "Planes, Trains and Automobiles".....Check out the new Future Islands video for "Balance", and hop in for the ride:

Well we all know that Randy Quaid is uh, homeless these days? If you watch closely (and don't get too dizzy in the process), you might see him in the back of the new YACHT video for "I Walked Alone:"

Need more info and ME then the blog gives you this week? Well click on over to this fact filled article on the Numero Group, and guess what, I talk about LICENSING! Why doesn't anyone ever ask me about non-allergenic cats? You can also hear Betty Wright from the Numero Group in "The Sitter" which opens Dec. 9th!

Mr. Lucky,