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BRM BLOG Goes Rock Hunting

Posted by Lyle On Mar 23, 2012

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One of the many things that weighed heavily on me during SXSW (besides the frito burritos), was the lack of the HEAVY, and by that I mean, HEAVY ROCK... Sure I saw THE MEN, and they did bring it, but where were all the other kids with guitars and amps and all that other not so fancy casio keyboard stuff? Sometimes you could really use a band that didn't use instruments that didn't require 'AA' batteries.

Luckily, DOPE BODY played, haven't heard 'em yet? Oh, check this out:

Yup, they are on Drag City...

 In previous versions of Royal Trux, especially in RTX, amps were king. Now I guess all any one could dare say is... Black Bananas are king. They are out "opening" for Sleigh Bells, you can see what kind of shenanigans go on back stage over here:

Still unclear about the parka wearing lead singer? click away:

More Chicago labels? How about our friends at Thrill Jockey? The latest Pontiak has to be played through a Marshall (if you are playing this back through your computer speakers you are doing it wrong).

Oh jezus. They actually list all the equipment they used on the internets:

a 1969 Fender Dual Showman Reverb, a 1973 Sunn Model-T, a 1969 Sunn 200s, a 1975 Fender Bassman 100, a Vox AC30, and for effect an Echoplex tape delay. Lain used two drum sets: a 1946 mahogany Slingerland Radio King set with a matching solid maple snare, and a 1967 maple Ludwig kit.

and I was wrong... A Fender Reverb? Huh... I'll take that '67 maple Ludwig btw...

Also who can forget this new fancy WHITE HILLS clip (is that some wah-wah I hear? That I know I'm right about):

Speaking of dudes who must know the rock Kenny Powers of EASTBOUND & DOWN has a little MENOMENA in this weeks episode features. Yup, you can hear "Oh Pretty Boy, You're Such A Big Boy" which you know sounds like this:

However I bet you never imagined a cover of the song performed at a Celtic Festival did ya? Well, dreams do come true: 

Now why didn't that non-rocking band play SXSW? Come on... Chill Wave is over-when are we gonna see Celtic Wave? One can only hope for next year...