Current Releases

A Giant Dog "Toy (Merge)"

My favorite barista at my local coffee shop, who knows only vaguely that my work has something to do with music, said the following to me after she binged Girl Boss: “Oh. My. God! Do you know this band A Giant Dog? I heard them on Girl Boss and immediately they are my favorite band!” So besides the thrill of telling her that “yeah, we had a hand in that” I was also thrilled to tell her “you know they have a new record coming soon?” She was very excited. As is everyone. You either have never heard of A Giant Dog or you are obsessed with Sabrina and the gang. Toy (Merge), their latest LP, is full of their Nashville punk perfection, a sound somewhere between Joan Jett and The Ramones, with a little Jason & the Scorchers thrown in for good measure. And with Sabrina front and center, as fearless and anyone in rock, there is nothing A Giant Dog can’t do. Rock along with “Bendover.”  Now, if only I could figure out how to parlay this into a free iced coconut latte…


TFCM (which is short for Theme From Crying Mountain), the newest album from Liars, is the first since guitarist Aaron Hemphill left the band, leaving Angus Andrew as the sole member. If you’ve been listening to Liars for a while now, then you’ve come to expect the unexpected from their sound. Combining some of the dance hints from their latest albums, as well as the acoustic guitar and electro-experimentation of their 2006 standout Drum’s Not Dead, TFCM is as wonderfully strange as anything they have ever released. Sometimes the record sounds like modern classical music, and other times it sounds like Negativland. As someone who has spent a lot of time listening to both of those things, I’m pleased as punch. Check out “Cred Woes.”

Tera Melos "Trash Generator (Sargent House)"

A lot of things can be said about the experimental rock trio Tera Melos and their leader, the forever inventive vocalist-guitarist Nick Reinhart. Or we could just take a look at this quote from the bossman ‘round these BRM parts, Lyle: “Omg that Tera Melos record is like the minutmen on ‘roids…..” Which makes sense, as last we heard from Nick was in his supergroup that includes Minutemen bassist Mike Watts. Trash Generator (Sargent House) is full of math-y changes, sonic experimentation, mid-song genre detours, ‘80s-era Fripp riffs, this is a band full of players with chops (unfortunately not pork or loin-which reminds me! I need to go shopping). But yeah,these dudes have the goods, as is evidenced by the thrashing good time of “Don’t Say I Know.”

Mark Fosson "Solo Guitar (Drag City)"

American Primitive solo guitarist Mark Fosson is back with his latest LP Solo Guitar (Drag City). These emotive, haunting pieces all fall somewhere between the works of John Fahey, the intro to Maggie May, and the score to the HBO series Deadwood (please please please let the rumors be true, I want that show to come back so badly). If you love melodic, rustic sounding solo acoustic guitar performances (like me) then this is the record for you. Check out the aforementioned Maggie Mae-esque “Once Was A Time.”