Current Releases

SUMAC "Love In Shadow (Thrill Jockey)"

Across the four songs (each one over 15 minutes long) on the new Sumac LP Love In Shadow (Thrill Jockey), the trio sings about spiritual love. At least, that’s what the press release says about it. SUMAC’s hardcore-esque vocals have never been the easiest to discern. But does that matter? No really. Not when their thrash metal interplay is this tight and this much fun. So get ready to bash your head and break some stuff, all in the name of love. Check out the brutal beauty of “Attis’ Blade.”

Bad Moves "Tell No One (Don Giovanni)"

Washington DC has a long history of punk music, and now Bad Moves are a part of that history. Tell No One (Don Giovanni) is the debut from the pop-punk quartet. Anthemic and powerful, yet heartfelt and pop-leaning, this is quintessential pop-punk for the lovers of the genre. However, their sound is a little more universal than the genre generally lends itself to. It’s more like modern pop-punk mixed with classic ‘90s indie rock. Take, for instance, the beyond catchy and quirky shifts of The Breeders-esque “One Thing.”

Calvin Valentine "Keep Summer Safe (Mello Music Group)"

Having already produced for such hip-hop luminaries as Nas, De La Soul, Illa J, and most recently Ryan Beatty (as well as his stint as drummer for the rock band Medium Troy), its time for Cavlin Valentine to once again step out from behind the mixer and into the spotlight. Keep Summer Safe is the producer/hip-hop artists latest LP. Chilled out, wavey vibes (Mello Music’s PR calls it “meditative late night head nods) that are part throwback to the heyday of early rap and exceedingly modern-not Soundcloud modern or anything like that. This is meticulously crafted and sonically rich. Plus, his skills as emcee are second only to his production skills. Check out the west coast sounds of “911 Turbo.”

Emma Ruth Rundle "On Dark Horses (Sargent House)"

If you are Emma Ruth Rundle, 2 years ago you released your fantastic album Marked For Death. Since then you’ve been touring nonstop. Now you are ready to release your third album of goth-y, folk-y, intense tunes. If you are not Emma (and lets face it, chances are good you aren’t) then you are merely excited to hear her new album On Dark Horses (Sargent House). Well, your timing is perfect, because here it is! Check out the dramatic ebbs and flows of the Godspeed You! Black Emperor meets Chelsea Wolfe sounds of “Fever Dreams.”