Current Releases

Crooked Man "Crooked House (DFA)"

There was a Crooked Man, and he made some crooked tunes.

The kind of sophisticated, classic electro best listened to under a full moon;

He brought the crooked beats, and they made no one grouse,

He put a new album out on DFA, and its called Crooked House.

Check out the second single from the LP, the late-night club banger  “Walls.”


Cave "Allways (Drag City)"

Leave it to Tiny Mix Tapes to put so succinctly what I was trying to put into words while listening to the new Cave album Allways (Drag City). “CAVE as masters of groovy repetition reminiscent of krautrock in its purest form?” It would appear that their time spent in Chile played heavily in this new direction of their sound, this sort of thing is huge there. This sort of thing is also huge in my headphones, but no one cares what I’m listening to in my off time. But it’s this new CAVE record for sure. Bliss out to the groovy psych of “San’Yago.”

Kinski "Accustomed To Your Face (Kill Rock Stars)"

Judging from the cover of their latest LP, Kinski has fired John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands and gone back to their original lineup. I kid, I kid! 20 years into their career and Kinski show no signs of slowing down. Accustomed To Your Face (Kill Rock Stars) is full of searing guitars and rock riffs, krautrock-inspired rhythms, and all-around blistering energy. This is one album to get up and go to school with! Check out the sub-two minute power of “Guest Girl Vocalist.”

Lando Chill "Black Ego (Mello Music)"

Mix in equal parts ‘90s trip-hop, early West Coast rap, gospel, funk, modern indie and hip-hop, and you’re starting to get to the heart of the excellent Black Ego (Mello Music), the latest full-length from Lando Chill. Teaming up again with multi-instrumentalist and producer The Lasso they are here to follow up their beloved 2017 album The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind (#26 on Bandcamp’s Top 100 Albums of the Year). The beats and the vocals are as smooth or as raucous as they need to be, and every guest-verse is a meticulously crafted beaut. Take, for instances, the head-nodding “Peso” which features turns by Quelle Chris & REY along with Lando.