Current Releases

Sondre Lerche "Pleasure"

The handsomest man in indie rock is back and he’s still reeling from his divorce. How is he spending his post divorce time? Seemingly listening to a lot of Pet Shop Boys, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Oh RELAX (get it?) the tunes are still there – just check out the super synth pop of “Soft Feelings” and lets assume when the inevitable Sixteen Candles reboot (starring Selena Gomez) comes around that Mr. Lerche will be scoring it.

Diet Cig "Swear Im Good At This"

Ahh youth… God I miss it. Thankfully I get to listen to Diet Cig and start feeling like I’m not exhausted all the time or that my body is falling apart.  Will I break out the air guitar and cut off shorts to maybe be the third member of Diet Cig? I definitely can’t wear a skit on stage, as lead singer/guitarists Alex Luciano sings in “Tummy Ache”: “It’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt”. Either way, I’m at the point I gotta sit down when I play, so I will just turn to the joyful noise of Diet Cig’s mixture of Velocity Girl meeting Haim.  You better DL this one quick before Alex Luciano starts going on vacation with Taylor!  Dig into “Barf Day.”

Jesse Hale Moore "Green End"

Oh boy, I can’t wait for you to hear this one! Talk about a genre I don’t have….well Philadelphia based Jesse Hale Moore is pure blue eyed soul, so imagine if you will Daryl Hall meeting Teddy Pendergrass and sitting around listening to Maxwell. Sounds like quite the party I wouldn’t be invited to, but hey-what a jam session it will make.  Emotional and smooth with no hint of irony. I look forward to Jesse Hale Moore saving all the relationships with “Every Time.”

Saint Pé "Fixed Focus"

So yes, this guy Ian Saint Pé was in The Black Lips for, oh, about a decade.  Does this record sound like the Black Lips? Sure, but imagine if Bob Dylan was jamming with them and they lived in Nashville (like The Dead Weather does).  So maybe this is the record you’ve been waiting for? Well it is! “Street Light” brings the rock and “Burning Bright” brings the Southern Gothic. How could you go wrong? Check out “Kiss It Goodbye”!