Current Releases

Cigarettes After Sex "Cigarettes After Sex"

You can pretend that everything you’ve heard from Cigarettes After Sex before now was just a hint of what was to come. It’s true! Even frontman Greg Gonzalez says so: “This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes. I wanted it to feel like a complete work, where some of the imagery repeats – like it’s all in the same world. It’s very much a fulfillment of the feelings in the short works.” This thoughtful approach is apparent throughout the ambient pop sounds of the self-titled album (Partisan). Nods to obvious influences such as Mazzy Star and Portishead, and also the reverb-soaked instrumentals of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score (I am speaking only of the original run, I haven’t had a chance to check out the new season yet… My queue is miles long at this point… I’m *almost* up to 2012). Check out the spaced-out longing of “Each Time You Fall In Love.”

Dave Depper "Emotional Freedom Technique"

Does the name Dave Depper mean anything to you? Even if it doesn’t, it does. Chances are he is on at least a few albums in your library, and it’s likely you’ve seen him on the stage as well. He’s worked with Menomena, Fruit Bats, Robyn Hitchcock, Ray LaMontagne, and has been a full-time guitarist of Death Cab For Cutie since Chris Walla left in 2014. See! He’s all over your stuff! Well, now he’s front and center, as Emotional Freedom Technique is his solo debut, and what a debut it is. Otherwordly synths and beats (think remixed film strip music) that makes us think of what would’ve happened if AIR did an album of Duran Duran covers. Check out the first song from the album, “Do You Want Love.”

Mutoid Man "War Moans"

What does the world need right now? Mutoid Man! War Moans, Mutoid’s Man sophomore album (Sargent House,) is the record to scare your 2017 terrors away. Ironic indie RAWK? Nope, straight ahead blistering metal, like Metallica mixed with Voivod and Dischord’s Void (sorry Romeo Void you aren’t invited). Yes, this is a Big Gulp of rockers from the opener “Melt Your Mind” to the oh so fast “Kiss Of Death” and the haunting, almost power-ballad of “Bandages” with bonus haunting by Chelsea Wolf. I’ve been playing this record evey morning with my black coffee as I read through the twitter storms of 2017-thanks Mutoid Man-i might just make it through another morning. Check out the aforementioned opener “Melt Your Mind.”

TALsounds "Love Sick"

I swear I am trying to break myself of the bad habit of copying record label PR. But there are times, like for instance this time, where a sound is so steeped in mystery that unless you work for the label you might be scratching your head trying to figure out exactly what you are listening to. TALsounds LP Love Sick (Ba Da Bing) is one of those times (which I think I said already….). See, how can I describe the sound better than this: “Natalie Chami’s project TALsounds documents solo sessions of improvised synthesis and live-looped vocal performances, presented to the listener as discrete takes without overdubs.” I mean, that’s perfect. Ok, you don’t know it’s perfect yet because you haven’t heard the soft analog synth sounds yet, but give “I Saw The Way” a listen and I’m sure you’ll agree.