Current Releases

Fred Thomas "Aftering (Polyvinyl)"

Fred Thomas is a man of many moods, and his latest release Aftering highlights many of them.  Bad mood? How about opening your album with a slow drone tune “Ridiculous Landscape”.  However right away the guitars are turned up and song two roars in like SST era Dinosaur (sorry no Jr. yet)…  “Aftering” keeps the where is my Xanax ride going like Harry Chapin hanging out with Ira Kaplan (now that would make quite a great episode of “Dead Guitar Guys Driving Live Guitar Guys”).  Check out the Lee Renoldo-esque “Altar” featuring Anna Birch, or the beautiful “Mother/Daughter Pharmix” – the cats are in the cradle for sure.

Future Generations "Landscape (Frenchkiss)"

Like a lot of bands, Future Generations are based in Brooklyn and are writing ‘80s-tinged electro-pop with lots of modern flair. Unlike a lot of bands, however, they aren’t afraid to let their songs be super catchy, and they also aren’t afraid to write a chorus! Imagine that! A song in 2018 with a chorus that you can (gasp!) sing along to! What will our robot overlords think?


“It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it.”

-Robot overlords


Oh. Well, there we go… So couple all that with their ability to imbue their jams with enough left-field art-school touches, and the Landscape (French Kiss) is like a Talking Heads meets MGMT meets Hall & Oates meets modern dance music sort of thing. All pop music should be this much fun. Check out the electric feel of “All The Same.”


Dmitry Evgrafov "Return (Fat Cat)"

I just saw an another article on tuning out the world….the noise, the constant static of it all….how to make it go away (don’t look at your phone? Article – not so helpful)…..That being said if everyone would just listen to the beautiful new album by Dmitry Evgrafov they wouldn’t need to throw their phones in the ocean (don’t do it – your warranty won’t cover that).  Stirring and beautiful “Falter” is my go to song when I need it all to go away. Just check out “Waves” and you will hopefully not throw your phone into the ocean, but if you do, make sure you have a copy of “Return” on another device.

Guerilla Toss "Twisted Crystal (DFA)"

There is a new Guerilla Toss LP and I love it. Twisted Crystal (DFA) is so all over the place. I still get the prog vibes of their last LP GT Ultra, but like in a ‘70s + ‘80s way. It’s like the music from an alternate universe where every nerdy music I loved growing up was actually as popular with everyone else as it was in my head. I get vibes of Fripp solo stuff, Bowie, Eno, Peter Schilling, Missing Persons, Todd Rundgren, solo David Byrne, Jonathan Richmond (in the almost nursery rhyme melodies of “Jesus Rabbit”). Plus there’s the breakbeat stuff of “Meteorological” (where I also get an ESG vibe AND a Negativland vibe) and “Retreat.” Besides all the stuff it reminds me of, it also doesn’t remind me of anyone at all. Check out the aforementioned “Meteorological.”