Current Releases

Moon King "Hamtramck ‘16"

The new release from Moon King, Hamtramck ’16, is a dance-y wonderland. Sometimes the record sounds like underground dance from Detroit’s dance heyday, other times it sounds like solo Stevie Nicks at her most 80s. Some disco here, some synthpop there, this is one release that is gonna surprise you into dancing, in as artful a way as is possible. Get on your best dancing shoes (or sit in your best dancing chair) and check out the aforementioned Nicksonian “In & Out.”

Sweet Apple "Sing The Night In Sorrow (Tee Pee)"

Supergroup of sorts Sweet Apple, and purveyors of glittery throwback power-pop, are back with a new riff-heavy release. Sing The Night In Sorrow (Tee Pee Records) finds J Mascis, Tim Parnin and John Petkovic (both of Cobra Verde) and Dave Sweetapple rocking as hard as they ever have. A little Cheap Trick, a little T-Rex, a little bit ‘60s psych-folk a la The Incredible String Band or even Love, and a LOT of fun. Of course, guest turns from Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard among others usually make for a fun record. Don’t believe me? (jeez louise, what do I have to do to earn the blurb-readers trust anyway?) Check out the Robert Pollard-featuring smash single (if we have anything to say about it) “World I’m Gonna Leave You.”