Current Releases

Sarah Davachi "Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing!)"

It’s sometimes difficult to describe in words the moving experience of listening to music like Sarah Davachi’s. Somewhere between post-modern classical and ambient, her compositions are ethereal, glacial. Since our pals at Ba Da Bing already did such a good job of it, I’ll let them do the heavy lifting here: “Gave In Rest is a modern reading of early music, reforming sacred and secular sentiments to fit her purview and provide an exciting new way to hear the sounds that exist around us.” Nice job BDB! And nice job Sarah. This album is simply lovely, as is evidenced by the haunting “Evensong.”

We Were Promised Jetpacks "The More I Sleep The Less I Dream"

So this is 30?  Yup, when We Were Promised Jetpacks started they were four blokes (dudes) from Scotland with guitars, dynamics and all the things that made them the great band they are.  Now upon entering the studio as 30 somethings, the boys decided to bring it back to the sound/feel of their debut These Four Walls.  Sounding almost like the most powerful live album – (overdubs? pffft) The More I Sleep The Less I Dream hits some hot aging topics like self-doubt in album opener “Impossible” to the emotionally heavy “Hanging In”.  Check out “Make It Easier” and hear what 30 something sounds like (“I have no idea, where to go from here”)….Can’t wait to hear what they record when they turn 40 (i’m guessing it won’t be a comedy album…)

Active Bird Community "Amends (Barsuk)"

Amends is the Barsuk debut for the young Brooklyn-based band Active Bird Community. This is a record full of big ideas and bigger execution. Their music is full of operatic drama, with big changes is volume, timbre, and energy. Also, there are occasional horn parts. Its like if Beirut made an album of Weezer covers (strictly the first two albums, of course). Check out the big chords of “Baby Its You.”

Elise Davis "Cactus"

The follow up to her critically adored album from 2016 The Token, Cactus is the sophomore effort from Elise Davis. A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll… Ok… mostly country. But country in a Lucinda Williams/Dolly Parton way-which is one of the top three country ways to be. A bit folky, delicate vibes, and all paired with Elise’s strong vocal skills matched only by her skills as a songwriter. This is one for late-night drives in the… well, country. There you are, feeling kind of bad about yourself, and Elise is right there with you making sure you know you aren’t the only one with such heavy emotions. Suddenly, you feel better. So keep your eyes on the road and check out the bachelorette life of “Lone Wolf” or the twangy shuffle of “Hold Me Like A Gun.”