Current Releases

Colleen "A flame my love, a frequency (Thrill Jockey)"

Ever since Colleen started adding vocals to her music starting with her fourth album, it’s been nearly impossible to predict what she has up her French sleeves when word is released that a new album is forthcoming. A flame my love, a frequency (Thrill Jockey–and the lack of capitalization is her stylistic choice as well) finds Colleen at her most baroque sounding, but sounding Baroque via a Critter and Guitar synth run through a Moog delay (hey, if it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it! Hiyooo!). Unique synth tones bubbling up and sounding somewhere between ‘70s documentary music a lá Jürgen Müller’s Science of the Sea and Wendy Carlos, mixed with Colleen’s hushed vocals. The whole thing is a heady rush of forward facing nostalgia. Check out the dizzying “Winter dawn” (again, capitalization (or lack thereof) is her stylistic choice. I don’t make the news, I just report it).

Destroyer "ken (Merge)"

When Dan Bejar learned that the title of the English ballad “The Wild Ones” was originally “Ken” (as in the scottish “ken” meaning “know”) he knew he had to steal that title for his next album. Thus Destroyer’s ken (Merge) was born. Produced by Josh Wells of Black Mountain, who has also been Destroyer’s drummer since 2012, ken was not recorded as a live band like the last album, though all the members appear on the record. This is a far more synth-y than Poison Season was, with a bit of a chilly “late Thatcher-era” production flair to it. Look, it’s the new Destroyer album, you know your gonna love it. Check out the Suede-ish single “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood.”

Saicobab "San Se Pirani Bab (Thrill Jockey)"

The debut from Japanese quartet Saicobab is likely going to take you by surprise. Their strange mix of traditional Indian music and decidedly non-traditional instrumentation and production mixed with almost math-rock rhythms and unexpected vocal turns makes their debut, San Se Pirani Bab (Thrill Jockey) unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Imagine Mike Patton, Deerhoof, and Ravi Shankar recording an album, and you’ve got sort of a vague inkling of what to expect here. Take a deep breath, because you might never be the same, and check out “Bx Ax Bx.”

King Khan "Murderburgers (Ernest Jenning)"

King Khan has put many records out with many bands over the years. With The Shrines. With the Almighty Defenders. Of course, there is also the King Khan and BBQ Show. But here we are, in 2017, and for the first time ever King Khan is releasing a solo record. Simply credited to King Khan, Murderburgers (Khannibalism/EJRC) is unequivocally KK however. Full of the garage-soul sounds you’ve come to love and expect from Mr. Khan, and backed up here from the reformed Oakland band The Gris Gris, and produced by Greg Ashley from The Gris Gris as well. Bite into the juicy world of Murderburgers with “It’s A Lie.”