Current Releases

Eric Copeland "Goofballs (DFA)"

Since Eric Copeland’s last solo album, he moved to the island of Palma, Spain. There, saddled with the isolation of a new city, he recorded Goofballs (DFA). Working with minimal recording supplies (drum machine, bass machine, a sampler, and a “homemade drum brain”) Eric has created a record full of left-field dance and techno music. The songs included were road tested during his stint as Animal Collective’s opening act during 2016, and it shows. These are tunes that are gonna get the freaks or at least the GOOFBALLS moving (Oofa…). Quirky beats and synth lines, coupled with otherworldly vocals and psychedelic touches, leaving the whole thing sounding like ‘90s Beck covering Funkadelic, and the record is being played at the wrong speed. Check out the first single from the record, “Neckbone.”