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Phantoms "Phantoms"

If I say that Phantoms are like a bizarro Daft Punk, does that make sense? I don’t mean that they sound like the opposite of the helmeted duo, in fact they sound like the opposite of the opposite of them (i know, i’m needlessly confusing). Their self-titled debut is a shimmering, swirling, buzzing dose of late-night electronic music, and this duo borrow from the Daft Punk ethos of crafting songs into dance songs. But my bizarro line earlier was in reference to their visibility. Accessible to their many fans, their web presence is more like that of We Are Scientists or OK GO then most electronic artists in their 20s. But what really matters is the music. Look, there is no reason I should love two good looking young dudes making dance music as much as I love this album. I should want to delete it in a jealous rage. But I can’t. They have cast a spell over me. Fall prey to their charm with “Pulling Me In.”