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A Place To Bury Strangers "Pinned (Dead Oceans)"

I think one of the things that people not in bands don’t realize about being in bands: how many decisions there are to be made. 90% of being in a band is making decisions. (the other 10% mostly involves lugging amps around). Case in point: A Place To Bury Strangers and their new album Pinned (Dead Oceans/RTP). A few years ago they were in need of a new drummer when bassist Dion Lunadon met drummer Lia Somone Braswell at a show in Brooklyn and asked her to come to a band practice. Here we are one album later, and not only is Lia playing drums on Pinned, she is also contributing vocals for the band. This is still the gloomy, atmospheric rock you’ve come to love APTBS for, but they’ve moved into a new phase. For a group 10 years into their career, this was a BIG decision. In fact, their lead-off track on the new LP is all about decisions, so check out the driving, new wave-esque chug of “Never Coming Back.”