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Seafaring Strangers "Private Yacht"

Consider Seafaring Strangers – Private Yacht, the new comp from Numero Group, the flipside to the Brown Acid compilation. When the ‘60s came crashing down on the free love set, music splintered into 2 distinct alternate universes. For the Brown Acid crew, it was the beginnings of metal music born of hippie jam sessions and drugs with a harder edge, the disillusioned leftovers. The other side of the disenfranchised coin is this Yacht Rock comp. Not everyone failed after the ‘60s, and some of the flower children grew up, got good jobs, and were living the good life. They need music to listen to as well, right? Sure they do. They also needed a shit-ton of Fender Rhodes. This is the easy living, breezy side of rock, as it was being born. There’s a ship coming in, and I think I can see James Taylor on it, and maybe even Boz Scaggs? Well, until they get here, check out the proto-yacht of Salty Miller on “One More Time.”