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Hüsker Dü "Savage Young Dü (Numero Group)"

The release of Numero’s essential Hüsker Dü box set Savage Young Dü is a bittersweet affair. It’s release cosmically coincided with the passing of drummer Grant Hart, yet signifies the almost cordial business agreement that the three dudes whose breakup was legendary had landed upon. That tenuous agreement is a blessing, as this expansive collection of early Dü tunes is great. Rarities, live tracks, and other ephemera have never sounded better. From a band that started out vital and great, this is for anyone with even a passing interest in the legendary band. As influential as bands get, the best place to start with Hüsker Dü is the beginning. I could literally spin a wheel of Dü and land on anything to tell you to check out and it would be great, but let’s go with “Everything Falls Apart.”