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Shopping "The Official Body (FatCat)"

If you’re anything like me, you spent most of 2015 walking the city streets listening to Shopping’s album Why Choose and thinking you were a lot cooler than you actually are. Well I’m fully prepared to do the same this year with their latest offering, The Official Body (FatCat). The surprisingly danceable post punk strains of this London band are simultaneously from a time in the ‘80s when bands were trying how to figure out how to rock and wear lots of makeup and shredded clothing at the same time, as well as a future so bleak that all you can do to stay half-sane is party. From the high in the mix reverby-flatness of the spindly guitar lines to Rachel Aggs conversational vocals, the whole thing sometimes sounds like a full-band version of the no wave simplicity of Sneaks, other times they sound like Television: The Next Generation, other times still they might remind you of early B52s at their weirdest. Case in point for the latter, check out the positively funky “The Hype.”