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Dawn People "The Star Is Your Future (DFA)"

Underground experimental NY musicians Nick Forte and Peter Negroponte have teamed up to for the crate-digging vibes of Dawn People. From what I can tell from the press releases, this stellar album was put together in a Miles Davis Shhh/In A Silent Way sort of… well, way. Combining their love of library funk, jazzy french disco, and krautrock among other genres, the dudes set to recording live sessions in 2016, and then eventually building what you are about to hear. It sounds like DJ Cam remixing Books, and is every bit as amazing as that sounds. Dance-y, quirky, catchy, and an absolute blast to listen to, The Star Is Your Future (DFA) is destined to be the star of your future (sorry about that terrible line, but it was too easy to avoid. I’m only human). It’s a world where not only the indie-rock sounds of the ‘90s have resurfaced, but so too has the Air, Tortoise, and Stereolab-sounds of ‘90s revivalist instrumental pop electronica. Rejoice as you check out the lead-off track “Be Cool Tonight.”