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Guerilla Toss "Twisted Crystal (DFA)"

There is a new Guerilla Toss LP and I love it. Twisted Crystal (DFA) is so all over the place. I still get the prog vibes of their last LP GT Ultra, but like in a ‘70s + ‘80s way. It’s like the music from an alternate universe where every nerdy music I loved growing up was actually as popular with everyone else as it was in my head. I get vibes of Fripp solo stuff, Bowie, Eno, Peter Schilling, Missing Persons, Todd Rundgren, solo David Byrne, Jonathan Richmond (in the almost nursery rhyme melodies of “Jesus Rabbit”). Plus there’s the breakbeat stuff of “Meteorological” (where I also get an ESG vibe AND a Negativland vibe) and “Retreat.” Besides all the stuff it reminds me of, it also doesn’t remind me of anyone at all. Check out the aforementioned “Meteorological.”