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Laraaji "Vision Songs Vol. 1 (Numero Group)"

Multi-instrumentalist and spiritualist Laraaji is something of a restless spirit. Prior to his music career, he attempted to work as both an actor and a comedian. But it wasn’t until he started studying Eastern mysticism and music in the early ‘70s that everything moved into place for him. One zither converted into an electronic instrument later, and he was discovered by Brian Eno, who slated him to record Ambient 3: Day of Radiance. This is nothing like that album. This is Laraaji in the early ‘80s with a casio-style synthesizer and what seems like a brain full of mysticism. Thankfully, Numero is here to help us here this batshit crazy bit of outsider art, strange and beautiful, this is a man doing exactly what he was set on the earth to do. Lift your spirits with the positively positive “I Can Only Bliss Out (F’Days).”