Autumn It Up!

We are in full-swing autumn! I just got back from a quick jaunt to The Catskills, and that shit was cold! We did nothing but stare at the fireplace for 2 days whilst draped in the most brown and orange any two people ever wore that weren’t playing for Cleveland’s football team. I mean… LOOK AT THIS FIREPLACE!


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i’m in love with a fireplace

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It was a glorious trip, and I find myself in a pumpkin-spiced mood, baby! So let’s spin this week’s blog post autumnally!

No Trail? NO TRAIL!?!? Then you aren’t looking hard enough. There are trails EVERYWHERE ready to produce for you as much dead leaves as you can stomach.

“When We Fall II.” Get it? FALL?

These next two videos from the new Swearin’ LP were directed by Jake Fogelnest, and were shot in old-school red and blue glasses-needing 3D. What else is shot in a similar 3D fashion? Old trashy horror movies, which make for some excellent Halloween-nearing viewing. (Also, one song features “ghost” in the title. Scary!)

The only “Catastrophe” would be not taking advantage to the many crisp seasonal activities nearby.

I don’t know this for sure, but I can only imagine that Thalia Zedek loves fall as much as I do. Call it a whim, but I just think I’m right.

There is no way Chris and Jeff haven’t visited a pumpkin patch together.

You know what’s hard? Fitting all that fall fun into the two weekends that it isn’t too hot or too cold for autumn we get every year. Seriously. Vote to protect the environment people!

I like my apple cider like I like my Martins. Mulled.,