Current Releases

Shifts (Fat Cat) "Shifts (Fat Cat)"

From Fat Cat:


A wonderfully immersive suite of five stunning new tracks, ‘Shifts’ expands upon Swedish-Iranian pianist / composer Shida Shahabi’s debut album and confirms her as a genuine new force in contemporary piano music. 


Check out the stunningly intimate “Futo.”


Xylouris White "The Sisypheans (Drag City)"

From Drag City:


Xylouris White’s fourth installment of progressive Cretan lute compositions present the sounds of the lute, George Xylouris’ vocals and Jim White’s drums in an open, spacious sound-field. With the philosophical bent that suits their music’s ancient headwaters, Jim and George are meditating on the life of a traveling musician, Sisyphyan in its repetition, but inspired in an eternal recurrence of themes and techniques that allow them to climb ever-further into their experience as players.


Check out the haunting, pastoral “Tree Song.”


Rachel Grimes "The Way Forth (Temporary Residence)"

Composer/pianist extraordinaire Rachel Grimes is back with a heady, rousing concept of an album. The Way Forth (Temporary Residence) is a folk opera steeped in American history. The source of this history comes from 18th and 19th-century letters, documents, and photos from Kentucky. But as with everything Rachel does, the music is the main attraction here. Though there are tracks featuring spoken word and choral arrangements, it is all in service of Rachel’s beautiful music–here piano mixed with an Americana-esque chamber ensemble. Check out the first track from the album “Got Ahold of Me.”

Fascinations Grand Chorus "Presentations of Electrical Confectionary"

If you are in the mood for some vintage-leaning, throwback-y pop then you are in the mood for Jersey City’s own Fascinations Grand Chorus. Their latest, Presentations of Electrical Confectionary, is like a trip through early rock and roll, with some whimsy and modern flair thrown in for fun! Bouncy, harmonious, full of hooks and sing-a-long-able choruses, and shuffle-y Beatles-esque drums (anyone who doesn’t bow at the drum prowess of Ringo isn’t listening carefully enough if you ask me. That dude is a FANTASTIC drummer. Ok, I’ll step down from my Ringo soapbox). Check out the Beatlesque “Back Again.”