5 word video descriptions and dogs!

Here’s some stuff Bank Robber Music loves: Dogs. New music. Music videos. Brevity. Dumb “jokes.” Weird themes for blog posts. Candy. That’s why this week, I just decided to throw away the serious intro I just wrote in favor of this silly one. As well as a super-strange conceit for this week’s post, that combines all that stuff I just mentioned (minus the candy. Don’t give your dogs candy). That’s right, get ready for the first ever 5 Word Video Descriptions That Either Confirm Or Deny The Appearance Of Dogs In The Video.
This whole video is dogs!

Pup scampering on the beach.

Zero dogs. 1,000 sick rhymes!*
*Please note. I’ve watched this video a few times. There are lots of city scenes. So its entirely possible I missed a dog somewhere. If so, I apologize.

No dogs. Just heavy grooves.

Drawings of dogs is dogs!


Dogless strobe light dance party

Canine-free synth-heavy beauty

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