So between Easter and Passover this week, the vacations are running wild. We’ve gotten more auto-response email replies this week than Sean Spicer’s made apologies (feel free to substitute “United’s made apologies” if you like that one better). But our labels? The bands? Nope. No vacations. The new music is still coming fast and furiously. So who are we to not flip said music right over in your direction? So if you want some tunes, you got it. When you need some tunes, you got it. We won’t hide ‘em, we won’t throw these tunes away. (sung to the tune of one of Lyle’s Top Ten Cheap Trick songs “If You Want My Love”)
Walks are walked, butts are grabbed, and strawberries are dipped into guacamole in this new video from Hazel English. What more could you want from what will likely be the soundtrack for many people’s summer this…uh… summer. This is some carefree fun.

“Deaths Come In Three,” the new single from Tica Douglas, premiered on earlier this week. The stark, moving track has us very excited about the release of “Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us” coming 5/5 from Team Love.

I feel like I say this almost every week on the blog, but Polyvinyl just keeps singing more and more great bands. This time, we have a new video from Palehound’s upcoming LP “A Place I’ll Always Go.” Besides a great song, this is a super-fun video featuring the women of the Boston League of Women Wrestlers. As listed on youtube, besides being fun wrestlers, they are also AMAZING at naming their wrestling characters. Seriously. Punky Bruiser!?! Swolverina!?! Stabatha La Kills!?!?! #sogood

So this is a little more on the Rough Trade Publishing side of things, but we are super-excited about this. Our bud Mac McCaughan from Superchunk has scored Amber Tamblyn’s directorial debut “Paint It Black.” The new trailer for the film features a portion of Mac’s gorgeous score. Besides Mac’s lovely score, the film also features a stellar cast including Alia Shawkat (LOVE her!) and Alfred Molina (LOVE him!). Look for us on opening day!

Charly Bliss are making it look very, very easy in their latest Matilda-inspired video for “Black Hole.” Get ready for this tune to be stuck in your head.

If you love space-themed stock footage as much as I do, then you are in for a real treat with Anders Parker’s new video for the title track from his new album “The Man Who Fell From The Sky.” Also, if you love lovely songs, then you too are in for a real treat.

Finally, we have a suitably weird offering from the excellent ADULT. album. “We Chase The Sound (feat. Shannon Funchess).” Seriously, I am doing some weird, weird chair dancing as I write this. Likely, you’ll be doing some strange moves too when you check it out.

Have a great weekend!