Past Releases

Chris Liebing "Another Day"

Another Day sees Chris Liebing once again collaborating with an eclectic mix of artists, including several who were involved with Burn Slow. Miles Cooper Seaton, in one of his last performances following his sad and untimely passing earlier this year, and Polly Scattergood lend vocals to a track each, while Ralf Hildenbeutel returns to produce. Ladan (formerly known as Cold Specks), Tom Adams and Maria Uzor (Sink Ya Teeth) are new collaborators for Liebing.

“With this album, I wanted to take myself out of it as much as possible,” explains Chris Liebing. After three decades working dancefloors with pummelling techno, Chris Liebing formidable reputation as a DJ and is certainly comfortable with being in the spotlight, but for his solo work he has chosen a different avenue.

Same Side: "In Place"

The Story So Far and Elder Brother’s Kevin Geyer has announced new EP “In Place,” Under the guise of Same Side, The Story So Far and Elder Brother’s Kevin Geyer opens his personal musical journal to the world. With his penchant for uncovering buried feelings of melancholy and yearning, often weaving and conjuring in isolation in a stream of consciousness style flow, Geyer’s Same Side alter-ego is the perfect repository for unflinchingly intimate minimalism with depth, vibrancy, and earnestness.

Weakened Friends "Quitter"

Weakened Friends have returned with a battle cry — which is rather ironic, considering their new song is called “Quitter.” Searing, shredding, and packing a sucker punch, the new single from the Portland, Maine band breaks the facade of a brave face and rebels against creative burnout. Released today (September 21), “Quitter” rages as it rips hustle culture to pieces. “Hey! Wait! / I love but it never really feels OK,” Sonia Sturino cries on the chorus, making “Quitter” Weakened Friends’ hookiest protest to date. The single comes paired with an accompanying music video and news of the band’s sophomore EP — also named Quitter — due out November 19 via Don Giovanni Records “Writing and recording this record over the last year and a half has been such a trip!” the band shares on Instagram. “We’re so so so excited to finally be able to share a piece of it with everyone! Hopefully you’ll love these songs as much as we do, we put our whole hearts into them.”

Weakened Friends "Quitter"

You know how sometimes you have to listen to an album a few times to warm up to it and let it really sink in? That was not the case with the brand new release from rock trio Weakened Friends. “Quitter” grabbed me seven seconds into the opening track, “Bargain Bin,” and kept its claws in me all the way to the closer, “Point of Interest.” “Quitter” is out on Friday on Don Giovanni Records, and the band is thrilled to be back on a Maine stage for the first time since 2019 when it headlines at Portland House of Music on Dec. 3.