Past Releases

RCF "Full Force is Where We Are (Underwater Peoples)"

Full Force is Where We Are is the debut EP of Mississippi based R. Cole Furlow (RCF).  Furlow has been named a “real voice of his generation” by Pitchfork Magazine. Full Force is Where We Are is Furlow’s pandemic record, he is quoted in saying: “Work was all I could do at the time, I was so full of fear and uncertainty, making the music seemed like the only option I had.

Erasure "Ne: EP (Mute)"

Erasure’s 18th album ‘The Neon’ was their highest-charting UK release in more than 25 years. The collection, featuring four new tracks and the previously-released Secrets, drops Friday on digital platforms worldwide.  It’s also available on CD, limited edition purple cassette, and serves as a companion piece to their latest album ‘The Neon’.

Hovvdy "True Love (Grand Jury)"

Since recording their last album, 2019’s Heavy Lifter, Austin duo Hovvdy has settled down. Charlie Martin and Will Taylor both got married; Taylor had a kid. They also put out some music — Martin released a lovely solo album just a couple months ago and they spent the pandemic covering leaks of Coldplay and Paramore. And today Hovvdy are announcing a new full-length, True Love, with its bright and ringing title track, which reflects their newfound happier circumstances. It retains the group’s nostalgic warmth but also sounds driven by hopes and dreams for the future, especially in its rousing last minute as the lyrics repeat: “Do you believe what I said? That I am the man I say I am.”

Sophie Hutchings "Echoes in the Valley (Universal Music Operations)"

Sophie Hutchings is a deeply authentic artist that is affected by her surroundings. This directly correlates to Sophie’s rationale around the carefully selected location where she recorded her new works. Nestled in the dramatic valley of the Byron Hinterland mountains, Echoes in the Valley, was organically born. The creation of the solo piano release saw Sophie intentionally remove herself from the chaos and building trauma the world was experiencing. This effort has led to a body of work that finds complete solace in pure simplicity, stripped back to an exposed minimum.