Past Releases

Jay Som "Anak Ko (Polyvinyl)"

Melina Duterte, aka here as Jay Som, cites the “lush, poppy sounds of 80s bands such as Prefab Sprout, the Cure, and Cocteau Twins” for her turn towards that sort of sound on her stellar new album Anak Ko(Polyvinyl). Yes, she still records most of the parts by herself, at home (though she has a bit of help here from a few friends-including Laetitia Tamko, Justus Proffit, and her washer and dryer for a little ambience in places-eat your heart out Matmos!) this is the pure distillation of her sound turning ever more shimmery-and I couldn’t be more into this new sound. For the perfect example of it check out the jangly “Superbike.”

Joyero "Release The Dogs (Merge)"

There is little, musically, that Andy Stack hasn’t done. He’s one half of Wye Oak, he’s a longtime member of Lambchop, he’s worked with EL VY, and as Joyero on Release The Dogs (Merge) he’s released a fully realized, compelling solo album. Somewhere between Portastatic, Thom Yorke solo albums, and Wye Oak we find Andy’s occasionally reverb soaked, occasionally organ heavy sound. A little bit dream pop, a lot of fun, and all Andy. So just RELEASE THE DOGS ALREADY and check out “Salt Mine.”

Redd Kross "Beyond The Door (Merge)"

Between the PR for the album, and the actual album, its pretty evident that Redd Kross want people to have a good time listening to Beyond The Door (Merge). It’s a rock and roll record. It’s a party record. To discuss it at all is kind of a disservice to it. Just rock out to it already? It’s a timeless blast of pure rock joy, so join the party and check out “The Party Underground.”

Versus "Ex Voto (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)"

Light a candle to whoever the patron saint of returning indie rock legends is, because Versus is back baby! Ex Voto (Ernest Jenning Record Co.) picks up pretty much where we last heard the band nearly ten years ago. All of the trademark Versus moves we’ve come to love are here–the trading of vocal duties between Richard Baluyut and Fontaine Toups. The angular guitars. The exquisite drum work. The choir of penguins…. Ok. Fine. I made the penguin bit up. But I’m not making up how heavy this album is thematically. I’m also not making up how much you are absolutely gonna fall in love with it instantly. Check out “Mummified” before you yourself are wrapped in rags and sleeping in a sarcophagus. So, I mean, you have plenty of time… but why wait?