Past Releases

Andrew Cashen "Back In Texas (Nine Mile Records)"

If you don’t know Andrew Cashen by name, you still know him… I mean, unless you don’t know who A Giant Dog or Sweet Spirit are. If that’s the case, then this blurb isn’t gonna be able to help you out, you have a lot of work in front of you. So besides those stellar bands, he also has this solo record out now. Here we find him as an early rock and roll crooner. A little soulful, a little tongue in cheek, and a lot of fun. Check out the very danceable title track “Back In Texas.”

Khidja "In The Middle Of The Night (DFA)"

If you are an avid reader and listener of all things BRM, then you might remember that last year Khidja produced a fantastic Essie Pas remix last year. But even if you aren’t that deep a BRM crate digger, no matter, because we have their debut EP on DFA right now for you to dig into. A danceable, slightly spooky collection of 4 dark, twisted songs (I am willing to admit that I am stealing some adjectives here from DFA’s PR on the EP, I don’t think they’ll mind. I know for a fact that you won’t mind checking out “Don’t Feed The Animals (Hiding In Your Room).”

Tallest Man On Earth "I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream"

In times of trouble (like the constant brain tsunami everyone is suffering these days) there are few sounds more calming than that of The Tallest Man On Earth, who manages to make the world sound beautiful, small, intimate, and not the worst. Strapping on his acoustic guitar and cape (of course) Kristian Matsson is here to save your brain/planet. Gorgeous songs with a voice that should make Bruce Hornsby retire (do we really need a new record by Bruce Hornsby?), or get Thanos to finally bring back all of the Avengers. Being the Tallest Man is truly an unstoppable super power that will make you forget that the world is melting. Be saved by Tallest Man with “The Running Styles Of New York”.


Wand "Laughing Matter"

Wand seem to work very, very hard in an old fashioned way. Touring, recording (3 albums in 14 months!), and seemingly have more to worry about than how many Instagram followers they have. Wand have released Laughing Matter and according to Wand it is about “love during times of terror”.  Sounds fun! You know what else is fun? Why Laughing Matter of course!  A psychedelic folk trip through the mind of Steven Malkmus doing mushrooms with Syd Barrett. Stereogum said Wand sound like “post-Y2K Radiohead” – which is another way to look at it. Why don’t you vote (my influences vs Stereogum) and check out “Scarecrow” and the ballad-y “High Planes Drifter” (not a Beastie Boys cover, sorry) or the particularly Radiohead-y “Thin Air” (you win that round Stereogum).