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TRØN & DVD "Afraid Of The Dark (Kiam)"

Brothers Norvin and Darian Van Dunk, known here as TRØN & DVD, have been making rap music for as long as they can remember. But Afraid Of The Dark, their Kiam debut, is also their first proper album released by a label. Sys Norvin: ““When we went in [to Kiam Records Shop], we gave [Jennifer O’Connor] our CDs, and she liked it enough to help us out and sign us, which is cool, cause we were always doing everything ourselves.” Credit where credit is due, Nyack News and Views (Kiam Record IS from Nyack after all) said it best when they said “Afraid of the Dark’s paranoid sonic landscape stems from indie rock as much as it does Wu-Tang Clan or Eminem.” Get ready to fall in love with the mixture of TRØN’s easy, smooth flow mixed with DVD’s gravely, bellowing delivery. Not to mention guest turns from Kiam label mates Amy Bezunartea, Jennifer O’Connor, as well as co-production from Tom Beaujour. Favorite line on the record? “They be thinkin’ we went Paleo we go against grains.” #sogood Check out the vital “Vigilantes.”