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Koleżanka "Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes"

From Bar/None Records:

In the last few years, we’ve all gotten a bit more acquainted with isolation at some point or another. It was no different for Kristina Moore (she/they), the songwriter behind koleżanka. During the long, dire winter months of late 2020 and early 2021, Moore found themselves holed up in their Brooklyn apartment, spending most of their time alone, and thus tumbling deeper into their own mind. The noise of daily life in New York City, and the numbness it can produce, receded. Moore’s thoughts were alight with memories, dreams, musical explorations. New songs began to pour out of them.

What could’ve been another despondent lockdown instead turned into the genesis for koleżanka’s sophomore album, Alone With The Sound The Mind Makes. Unable to work and without the distractions of social life, Moore kept a strict schedule, plotting their days down to what sort of meals they were going to make, which songs to revisit. It was a way of enforcing order on a chaotic time, during which they wrestled with mental health swings many of us are familiar with from quarantine (or otherwise) — depression, then anxiety, manic bouts of productivity with undercurrents of exhaustion. Without the resources for therapy, Moore had to learn to navigate it solo, to “make friends” with various unsettled states. In the process, they wrote an album that dives deep into a person’s reckoning with their self, their body, their experiences, their perceptions.