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Wolfram "Amadeus (DFA)"

Lemme tell you, if you are in the market for some thrilling, sophisticated euro-disco-pop then there is no way you are gonna do better than Wolfram. And as far as his catalog, his latest DFA release Amadeus is as good as it gets. Between his penchant for fantastically driving beats as well as his acute ear for melody… I just… wow. Ok. I’m gushing. I love me some great disco-flavored electro jams, and when they also have a bit of a ‘80s vintage feel to them, well… look for me with the Wolfram t-shirt on at the next mixer, that’s for sure! What an absolute blast this album is. Beats! Synths! Guests–like Peaches, Haddaway, and Christopher Guest! Ok, I made that last one up. Sorry, no Waiting For Wolfram here. Sorry to toy with your emotions. I’ll make it up to you though. Check out the triumphant “Automatic” which features the aforementioned guest turn from Peaches!