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Twin Rains "Automatic Hands"

Everyone, please welcome Twin Rains to the Rough Trade Publishing fold. This Toronto dream pop duo have been making music together in some capacity since 2009, and were the founding members of the Toronto indie band Make Me Young. As Twin Rains, the pair are crafting a beguiling mix of delicate, poetic vocals and modern, mid-tempo electronic music. A bit like the sound from our pals from Galaxie 500, some keyboard sounds not unlike Au Revoir Simone, a smattering of Portishead vibes, all the while very modern sounding, skipping over the complete ‘80s fetishization that many other modern dream pop bands rely on, and instead mixing those flavors with something very new and modern. Probably with some turmeric. Everything seems to have turmeric in it these days. So drink some turmeric tea and check out the sexy groove of “Flash Burn.”