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The Love Language "Baby Grand (Merge)"

Ok. Normally I listen to a new record before I read the PR for a new record. But my internet was being weird when I tried to get Baby Grand (Merge), the new LP from The Love Language, to start playing. That’s when I read this “The song “Juiceboxx” is what you’d get if Mick Jagger crooned his “Emotional Rescue” falsetto over a backing track by the Style Council” and for the first time ever I had a new favorite song before I even heard it! There’s a lot of that here. From the soulful Beach Boys balladeering of “Let Your Hair Down” to the Neutral Milk Hotel crooning of “Castle in the Sky” to the Frankie Goes To Hollywood meets Portlandia sounds of “Shared Spaces”… Every single one of these new tunes could be your new favorite song. So go ahead and start figuring out which one now.