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Grails "Chalice Hymnal"

I hope this doesn’t shatter your whole reality, but these blurbs aren’t written in a vacuum. In fact, they are written in an anti-vacuum… the internet. So in doing research on the new Grails album Chalice Hymnal (Temporary Residence) I came about this prize-winning description of the title track on “It’s an ominous, jazzy post-rock float with shades of ’80s movie soundtracks and David Bowie’s “Lazarus.” Well jeez, make a guy feel like he isn’t needed why don’t cha? I for one always look forward to when Alex Hall and Emil Amos return to their Grails moniker, as I am a huge fan of their movieless soundtracks, and this one does not disappoint. Check out the aforementioned (by Stereogum) title track.