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Lip Talk "Days (Northern Soul)"

So what have you been doing lately? Certainly not as much as Sarah K. Pedinotti, aka Lip Talk.  She has been so busy! She’s played in numerous bands, including Kalbells, Okkervil River, The Secret Machines, and Cautious Clay. What else? Spent the past few years juggling between being a session musician, and touring internationally with such up and comers as The Roots, NaS, Little Dragon, Esperanza Spaulding, and Interpol. It is hard to imagine that “She doesn’t know what to do with myself” as she sings on “After All”. Well, I guess she decided what to do as she plays pretty much all the instruments, produced and wrote all the songs on DAYS. Good decision. Mixing everything from the Eurythmics to St. Vincent (pre-Taylor Swift obsession), to what future Billie Ellish will sound like (yeah I can hear the future-got a problem with that?). Lip Talk should win a Grammy for debut of the year – but she doesn’t win one of those for a few more years (yeah the future seeing thing is interesting). Dig into “Lemon Drop.”