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Pontiak "Dialectic Of Ignorance (Thrill Jockey)"

Since the last time Pontiak recorded an album, the brothers Carney started a brewery. Because they are splitting their time now, they spent far more time recording Dialectic Of Ignorance (Thrill Jockey) then any of their previous albums. Each day they would get to work fermenting soda beans (i’m not super clear on how beer is made, just how it’s consumed) and listen to what they recorded the day before. They’d spend the day mulling over ideas, talking things out, and then head back into the studio later that night. This slowed down process gave them the ability to lovingly craft these songs. Stretched out, and full of good ideas, this is what a Roger Waters-less Pink Floyd SHOULD have sounded like. Psychedelic, with a hard edge, and sophisticated while still retaining experimentally.