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Ibibio Sound Machine "Doko Mien (Merge)"

I can only assume that you’ve been a fan of the infectious combination of influences Ibibio Sound Machine has been swirling together for the past few years whilst perfecting their sound. Well, get ready to add some absolutely filthy funk flexing to their mixture. Doko Mien (Merge) finds vocalist Eno Williams and the rest of the band combining ‘80s club and pop music, ‘70s funk, and West African blues and pop music into a wholly new sound that somehow sounds vintage and like its from the future at the same time. Neat trick, right? It’s like your Miami Sound Machine records melted into your Bettie Davis reissues and then that newly formed record melted into your best of Fela Kuti record and somehow this record made out of three melted records still plays, and sounds amazing! Check out the lead off track “Need You To Be Sweet Like Sugar” and ask yourself “why aren’t more bands getting greasy with funky basslines like this anymore?”