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VenessaMichaels "Flight EP (RTP)"

You like the trap? The hip-hops? The soul r&b grooves? In 3 and half songs, San Diego native and super producer VenessaMichaels has covered all of those bases. Raised on Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, and No Doubt, VenessaMichaels brings the 90’s to the present (sorry fax machines, you’re still in the rearview mirror) with full on slamming production that will sound awesome coming out of the back of your Acura or your $5000 beat headphones (they really gotta bring those prices down).  With special guest verses from Effy the Outlaw and $K Venessa are the jams you wanna be pumping and bumping this summer. Check out “Ridin The Waves” and feel the good vibrations-speaking of… if Venessa could only line up Marky Mark and Mike Love as guests on her album.