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Chelsea Wolfe "Hiss Spin (Sargent House)"

You better hope that Gene Simmons doesn’t win that trademark on the “devil hand” like he’s trying to. Because it won’t take long listening to Chelsea Wolfe’s 6th LP Hiss Spun (Sargent House) before you are slowly nodding your head along to the goth rock and throwing up devil hands to anyone who’s around (or possibly to an empty room as I am doing right now). Slow, thick metal sounds are the name of the game on this exciting new record. Vicious, buzzing guitars and crisp drums accompany Chelsea’s otherworldly vocals, just out of reach. If you’ve found yourself anxious and quick to anger of late (and frankly, who hasn’t?) this record is going to resonate with you. Get ready to carve Chelsea’s name into your desk during homeroom tomorrow as you check out the excellent “16 Psyche.”