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Diane Coffee "Internet Arms (Polyvinyl)"

Look. We LOVE Diane Coffee. But this blurb is gonna be hard for me to write. Why? No, it isn’t because I don’t LOVE the new album Internet Arms (in which the sounds of Diane Coffee shift towards a synth-y, future-leaning sound that is still cemented in the classics of the past). No, I’m sad because in the PR for the record I learned that Shaun Flemming (who IS Diane Coffee) had a much loved run as King Herrod in Jesus Christ Superstar last year and I MISSED IT! Can you imagine!?! Had to be amazing… guess I’ll just take solace with this amazing new album. Whatever… (I have a big pout on my face and my hands are in my pockets and I’m kicking rocks just so you know). Yeah, it’s glam-y, soulful, theatrical, all the things I love about Diane Coffee. Like ELO meets T-Rex meets Wings meets Zappa meets Marvin Gaye meets The Temptations meets HE WAS IN MY FAVORITE MUSICAL AND I MISSED IT! Check out “Not Ready To Go” and I WOULD HAVE BEEN READY TO GO IN A SECOND! TOUR THAT SHOW! TOUR THAT SHOW!!