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Major Stars "Motion Set"

You’re sitting there like everything is normal, like your face isn’t about to melt off. Well all that is about to change, as 18 blistering strings of guitar-ness set your eyes, ears, and nose on fire. Wait. This isn’t 5 alarm chili. We are only here to burn your ears. And blazing they will be with the majesty of Motion Set (Drag City), the new face-melter (remember, I warned ya) from Major Stars. Drone-y wry vocals from Kate Biggar, and ‘70s metal rhythm lay the foundation for the guit-army to attack. Hints of Black Sabbath, Mike Oldfield, and lots of other great guitar things that happened in the ‘70s mixed with a bit of a Pinkerton-era Weezer thing, add a million awesome guitar solos, throw in some jazz exploration, and there you go. Prepare yourself for the aforementioned Sabbath-ness of “For Today.”