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Tangents "New Bodies (Temporary Residence)"

Hello, this is Jens Hannemann from such videos as “Complicated Drumming Technique” (Drag City), but basically, I’m the-best-drummer-ever.  Besides the oh so many drums that I have (have you seen my mounted bass drums?), i am also by far the best at playing the 9/16 ostinato pattern which turns into a nine-tupleoe  That is until I heard  Evan Dorrian of Tangents– his cymbal  fills on such tracks as “Immersion” or his silent flamadiddleboogiewoogiewookie snare work on “Terracotta”, is not bad, but not very good either. I did actually think he might be even better than me, let alone Maro Minemann but seeing that he only plays a four piece kit and doesn’t wear a tank top-well just so many points off for his lack of style.  The Tangents actually sound nothing like Rush (Whattheheck?) or at all like Stewart Coplen’s playing in the Police but the drummer with the tattoos and the beard that I share a practice space with says words like RADIOHEAD and Four TetI? Are those bands? Or some new sticks that I should pick up? Can I get them on Reverb?  Regardless’ I’m still the best but I’d recommend you listen to “Swells” anyway, you might learn nothing.