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Rogue + Jaye "Pent Up"

So yes, if you ever wonder what would happened if the lovely and talented Zach from Rogue Wave went on a journey to Nashville and got in the car with the lovely and talented Cortney Jaye well your wish has come true with Rogue + Jaye.  Pent Up is like a road trip through America’s musical history! You will fall in love the Fleetwood Mac sounds of Golden Lady, and the beautiful Gram Parson/Emmylou Harris-esque duet of “Forces Of Decay.”  Want to imagine what it would have been like if Elvis Costello wrote more songs for Linda Ronstadt to cover?? Dig into “Over And Over”. Singing and strumming the shit out their collaborative debut, Pent Up is the record to kick off your summer. Check out the aforementioned “Forces Of Decay.”