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Montero "Performer (Chapter Music)"

Bjenny Montero is a man of many talents. Known as much as a visual artist as he is a musician, it makes sense that his music is as visual and whimsical as it is. Performer (Chapter Music), the newest LP from Montero (as he goes by in the music world), is a candy-colored dose (and I MEAN dose!) of surreal, psychedelic pop. At times sounding a bit like McCartney’s Wings, other times sounding like everyone’s newly favorite band ELO (when did that happen, exactly?). Frankly, if ever there has been a quirky, literate bit of pop music you’ve heard in the past, you might find hints of it here. But you’ll find so much more, as this is definitely the work of someone with a singular voice. It just so happens that that singular voice has excellent taste. For evidence of this, check out the Stevie Wonder meets Beck sounds of “Vibrations.”