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Lady Wray "Piece Of Me (Big Crown Records)"

I can only imagine that when I tell you there’s a new Lady Wray album called Piece Of Me here for you to listen too you either said “OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR IT” or you said “Who?” because there is maybe zero reason to have ever heard Lady Wray’s sweet, sweet sounds and dislike them. Her unique ability to sound vitally modern while also steeped in the sounds of vintage soul make her an absolute standout. Her voice is killer, the band is warm and analogue-y (thanks to that Big Crown sound), and her lyrics are deceivingly sharp (like the little pinchy part on my air compressor. I went to fill my tires up the other day – thanks old man winter – and when I was done there was SO MUCH BLOOD. There’s a reason they don’t sell air compressors from the 80s anymore. UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED!). Check out the summer-y, Stevie Wonder-esque “Under The Sun” or the ballad beauty of “Thank You” or the stripped down beauty of “Melody.”