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Black To Comm "Seven Horses For Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey)"

For a certain kind of music fan… ok, fine. ME! For a certain kind of me, Seven Horses For Seven Kings, the album from sound artist Marc Richter’s solo project Back To Comm is exactly the kind of thing I want to listen to all day. Instrumental, creepy, dark, tension-filled. If ambient music is something that you put on to fall peacefully asleep to, then this album is the one you put on to have nightmares to (look, I didn’t say I was a well-adjusted music fan, I’m just being honest here.) Whatever the opposite of New Age music is, this is that. It’s like if Lou Reed asked Brian Eno over to help him make Metal Machine Music (release day purchase if it existed, right?). Check out the unsettled “Lethe.”