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The Special Pillow "Sleeping Weird"

Why am I sleeping weird if I have my Special Pillow? The man at the store said that the Special Pillow would eliminate all weird sleeping… Maybe only the band (or the pillow) knows, but in the meantime what IS special is the latest release by Hoboken’s Special Pillow.  You like the Soft Boys, XTC, Fairport Convention, the Squeeze songs sung by Chris Difford-and yes Yo La Tengo (who covered Special Pillow on their previous album). So yeah this is the record for you. Is “Gilded Shrug” really about certain powerful people who aren’t held accountable for previous actions? Sorry the Steve Nieve “This Year’s Model” organ bridge has me obsessed with this jam.   Anyway – wait for this: Special Pillow are a special band, and yup I wrote that-but never mind me you should listen to the R.E.M. sounds of “A Billion Years Ago”.