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No Age "Snares Like A Haircut (Drag City)"

Minimalist noise/art punk duo No Age are back for a world barely deserving of their fine gifts. Snares Like A Haircut (Drag City) are gonna take you back to a time in the ‘90s when I hosted a college radio show and played… oh wait. Sorry, you didn’t have the same life as me. So it’s gonna remind you of whatever you were doing back in the day… Being born? Perhaps hosting a radio show of your own? Too bad we don’t have the technology to make these blurbs a 2 way street–no jetpacks, no two-way blurbs, this truly is a bleak future. Thankfully the Deerhunter-meets-Times New Viking-meets Pavement at their slackiest sounds of No Age are here to numb the pain. Tie yourself off and shoot some “Drippy” directly into your veins.