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Little Scream "Speed Queen (Merge)"

Little Scream is back with their most vital, zeitgeist-y record yet. Speed Queen (Merge) is… well. The first track is called “Deal Leader” so… yeah… recent Canadian Laurel Sprendelmeyer’s head is sorta where all of our heads are at too. But don’t let possible politics sour you here. This is a sonically beautiful album. Rich, harmonious tunes filled to the rafters with strings, choral touches, band trappings, and other such audio wonderments-pay close attention to the intimate, bouncy bass throughout the album. Maybe it’s these new headphones I just got but DAMN this record just, you know, SOUNDS good. So check out the aforementioned “Dear Leader” or the late-era new wave meets disco-pop vibes of “Still Life” and let me know for sure it’s not just me.