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The Juan Maclean "The Brighter The Light (DFA)"

If you are a fan if disco singles, than the last few years have been an amazing time to be a fan of The Juan Maclean. If, somehow, you missed out on those occasional releases-fear not! The Brighter The Light (DFA) collects them all together in one place, as well as rewarding fans with a couple new tracks. Upbeat, danceable, welcoming, sophisticated, and fun–this is a slightly different Juan Maclean then we are used to on their previous full-length releases. You know what? Maybe stop reading my blurb and get to dancing already! Put on something amazing and get down to “Pressure Danger.” Just make sure to draw the shades. After all, who wants their neighbors to know the real, behind-closed-doors them?  (Mind your own business JEFF!)