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Anders Parker "The Man Who Fell From Earth"

So besides the internet removing the lines between musicians and fans with things like kickstarter and pledgemusic, it also removes the line between musician and person who has to write things about musician. So while I’m trying to come up with the perfect way to describe Anders Parker’s 17th album The Man Who Fell From Earth he goes and does it perfectly. “The album is me singing and playing acoustic guitar accompanied by a string trio and a pedal steel.The songs…. there’s dirt in there, a dog, a baby, wind, mountains, divorce, stars, travel, regret, drunkenness, snow, dead trees, luck, agony, longing, despair, hope, helplessness, interstellar transmutation, naked women, rocks, books, breakdowns, and love.” So besides thanking Anders for the gorgeous album, I also have to thank him for the writeup time he saved me! Check out the pastoral beauty of “I Don’t Do That Anymore.”