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Colleen "The Tunnel and the Clearing (Thrill Jockey)"

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been staring at the front page of for what feels like years. There it is, right on the front… “Working on my 7th album now, which should be available in spring 2021.” I’ve been anxiously awaiting any change to that info as I happen to be a HUGE fan of Cécile Schott’s music. And then, one fateful day earlier this week, like a beacon from above, came THE NEW COLLEEN ALBUM into our inbox courtesy of our friends at Thrill Jockey. Quickly, we asked when it was coming out and we were told May-but, since we know you all love her music as much as we do, they gave us special permission to send the album out super-early. Here it is! The Tunnel and the Clearing is everything you want it to be. Analogue warmth – chilling harmonies, heady beauty, some bloops and bleeps and vocals! I know all anyone needs here is a soft sell, so dig in! (BRM One-Stop)