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Ian William Craig "Thresholder (Fat Cat)"

Ian William Craig’s latest LP Thresholder (Fat Cat) was born from a commissioned job in which he was tasked with creating tracks “based on concepts of quantum physics, black holes and space” and if that isn’t enough to get you to check this out then you and I have very different tastes. Somewhere between William Basinski, Brian Eno, and detuned space radio transmissions, this glacial, haunting collection lands with the thud of a satellite upon reentry. Most of these tracks could be used to signify rebirth, death, the coldness of space, the harshness of life, and the beauty to be found in all of those things (so, you know, like the ending of 2001). Combining looped noise, analog hisses, organs and synths, and angelic choral touches, Pink Floyd WISHES they ever got this sci-fi. The whole thing is meant to be listened to as a whole, but for our purposes, check out “And Therefore The Moonlight.”